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Successive SHOTs mode

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Successive SHOTs mode
« on: 25 / October / 2011, 07:52:50 »

I have a small question for developers of CHDK, specially S95 dev team. While using the camera in HDR mode (no CHDK), camera is able to take three photos, process them and save single file on the disk. This means camera has enough buffer to hold three images in memory.

I was wondering if it is possible using CHDK to have an option like "SUCCESSIVE SHOTS MODE". That will allow the user to quickly take 2 or three shots in a second. Then save all three images on the card. A configurable option to specify a delay in shots would be great. This would allow users to capture successive shots of fast moving subjects.

Note: I am a developer. CHDK is very new for me. Maybe someone can guide me in correct direction where i can take over to complete such a functionality.



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