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Sx220 Hs aperture override

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Sx220 Hs aperture override
« on: 05 / November / 2011, 04:40:45 »
Hello! Im a new user of a Canon Compact camera, bought yesterday after discovering CHDK.

So, i installed the latest build on my sx220 (1.01A firmware) and everything works, but i cannot force the fs16 aperture with chdk. If i select fs 16, on screen when i take a picture nothing change, it maintain the camera choosed fs. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong with the process?


Re: Sx220 Hs aperture override
« Reply #1 on: 05 / November / 2011, 06:31:25 »
On my SX130 after CHDK overriding aperture I can also see no changes on screen, but when I take a photo it's darker than it was on live view. So I guess camera uses overriden aperture only to take a photo, not to live view.

I don't know if it's usual way, how CHDK works, but I usualy use Canon aperture setting, not override, so I was never thinking about this as an issue.
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Re: Sx220 Hs aperture override
« Reply #2 on: 05 / November / 2011, 07:57:19 »
Yeah you are right :) i figured this out before your reply, it's all the morning im playing with the camera trying to figure out things :)

In fact it overrides the aperture, and in the report the camera give after the shoot, it show the correct aperture used. In any case it seems the maximum aperture limit of the camera is 11 (instead of it's default 8 ) .

I would use the default apertures myself too, but im reading and trying to do the exerces of the "understanding exposure" book by bryan peterson, im new to photograhy, so every bit of aperture or shutter time i can use help to experiment :)

But i find difficult to use these custom settings because like you said, i cant see changes on screen so i have to shoot photos somewhat "blind". In fact i think to open another topic to see if someone can help me understanding better the misc and dof indicators of chdk to learn to use them instead of those of the camera, because like this is a bit hit or miss!


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