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A620 beta 1 profiles

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A620 beta 1 profiles
« on: 24 / August / 2008, 04:14:27 »
So, here is the final version


There are four profiles here:

- ACR_44 .. profile matching 400D ACR 4.4 profile, containing daylight matrix only
- Adobe standard 1, Camera Standard 1, Camera Landsacape 1 .. profiles matching 400D profiles with same names

Test images of 400D and A620 are also included, so you can compare. I also included an image with calibration from DNG4PS2, so you can see the difference. Although most colors from Gretag matcbeth (middle part of test image) are similar to ACR44 calibration, other colors are quite off, and white balance is also slightly towards blue

You will also find new version of DngSetMatrix and DngGetmatrix. Old versions don't work if dng contains only one matrix, like those produced by DNG4PS2

DngSetNE is a program for setting tags Baseline Exposure to 0 and BaselineNoise to 2

A620CorrectModel is a batch to correct camera model in dngs, made by DNG4PS 1.14 (inserts missing space in front of the A620 string), so you can use profiles with old dngs. You neeed exiftools.exe for this



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