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sx40 hs potential deal breaker

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sx40 hs potential deal breaker
« on: 22 / November / 2011, 15:30:56 »
hi guys i am new to photography and have done some research and have narrowed my first dip into the field down to these 2 cameras, the sx40 and the fz150.

i like the fact that the fz150 has full manual features that i can learn to use to the full potential however from reviews the 35x zoom and the picture quality of the sx40 point me in this cameras direction.

after watching a video review i find the sx40 during burst mode does not keep the viewfinder on during the picture taking process and this for me is a deal breaker for the images i intend to take, my question is, with the chdk would this issue still exist, i am aware what chdk does and can do for the firmware on the camera, including adding raw image capability and increasing shutter speeds beyond the standard 15s the sx40 has at the moment, but really i need to know if this "problem" is rectified with chdk and the viewfinder remains on during burst mode.

i do a lot of walking all year round and would like to take images of wildlife so the 35x zoom would be a real boost especially for things like dear but taking burst mode shots is something i feel i would be doing a lot of and as the fz150 does this out of the box i may just have to settle for the 24x zoom instead.
any thoughts much appreciated thanks


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Re: sx40 hs potential deal breaker
« Reply #1 on: 22 / November / 2011, 16:06:33 »
CHDK does not change the behavior of the viewfinder in continuous shooting mode.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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