PropCase for Delay & Number of shots in Custom Drive

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PropCase for Delay & Number of shots in Custom Drive
« on: 06 / November / 2011, 13:15:21 »
I reed
and found
Some parameters can be read with the function get_parameter_data().
   ?ut the numbers of parameters depends on the camera model. For example, Canon 710 IS:
72  Delay in Custom drive mode (in seconds, 1 byte)
73  Number of shots in Custom drive mode (1 byte)
 9  Review time (in msec, 4 bytes)
54  Current Display Mode for record review mode - 0,1 or 2 (2 bytes)
53  Current Display Mode for view mode - 0,1 or 2 (2 bytes)

During raw.c execution, I have to know if in custom mode and the number of shots in custom drive mode.

get_parameter_data(...) or shooting_get_prop or getpropertycase or else ?
Combinaison propcase for custom mode and parameter_data for # of shots ?
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Re: PropCase for Delay & Number of shots in Custom Drive
« Reply #1 on: 06 / December / 2011, 06:14:56 »
Where ever you can find it I suppose. But you should probably prefer to use propcases for any info that you can find there, because they are in RAM. Parameters are what the camera stores in flash ROM to preserve between reboots and since CHDK doesn't really make use of params, any use of them is way less portable than with propcases. Reading flash is slower than reading RAM too, but that may not be an issue here.

If you do need to read params, you should check whether the camera actually stores your settings to flash params_data each time you adjust instead of only updating them on graceful shutdown or other occasion.

(I know, I didn't really answer which C func to use...)


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