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USB remote problem on Ixus 100IS

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Re: USB remote problem on Ixus 100IS
« Reply #10 on: 10 / November / 2011, 13:56:06 »
if I measure voltage between pin 1 and 4 /cable is plugged only in camera/ it was stable 11.7mV - it is OK ?

The camera does not provide the voltage, the PC does.

You have to measure the voltage on the connector when it is plugged into the PC.

It is not absolutely true - measuring circuit (in camera) can provide some voltage... And this fact shows that the cable is correct connected to camera (becasue if i get 0,00mV=some connection is interrupted or shortcircuit) - of course if 11.7mV is right value (for Ixus 100). And - when i turn off camera then voltage on pin 1<->4 going to 0,00mV.

conclusion -  connection&cable is certainly OK , problem is (in my opinion) in CHDK (maybe some setting) or can be defect some other circuit inside camera (although it is not very likely).....
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