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CHDK Wiki CameraFeatureTable outdated

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CHDK Wiki CameraFeatureTable outdated
« on: 14 / November / 2019, 21:14:02 »
Just found that the camera feature table at the wiki is outdated:

This was generated by script wasn't it?
Who can refresh it, I recall nafraf had a second table, can anyone else regenerate this one or should I PM him?

About the other table it was not this one:

It had a colum "Palette" and a column "custom"
My record from it are like these but that is in a digest:
Code: [Select]
Palette Custom Camera
13 No IXUS100 (SD780)
7 No IXUS1000 (SD4500)
13 No IXUS110 (SD960)
13 Yes IXUS120 (SD940)
1 No IXUS200 (SD980)

I'm asking because my stuff it at the state of the 2014 or 2015 supported cameras, ten or so are missing.
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