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USB Remote Switch in CHDK - version 2 implementation thread

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Re: usb_remote_status_led()
« Reply #220 on: 05 / July / 2015, 19:42:05 »
Not sure how we figure out which ports need fixing though?  All DIGIC5s?
As far as I remember, new style (but probably incompatible) GPIOs are used for LEDs on DIGIC 5, 4+, 6.

I noticed that but didn't dig deep enough to find something that actually used debug_led( ).   The camera_set_led( ) function is similiar and IIRC used by the script engines for set_led( ) so that should tell us.  I can try a short Lua script when I get a spare minute.
camera_set_led( ) is often implemented by using higher level fw functions (that makes it unsuitable for use when speed is a concern). debug_led() usually directly controls a selected LED through its GPIO. The latter function is used at several places: at startup in spytask, while saving raw, etc. - see include/debug_led.h .


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