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Guide for S2 disassembly?

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Guide for S2 disassembly?
« on: 05 / March / 2008, 12:10:06 »
Does anyone have a link to a guide for disecting an S2?  I bought a used S2 on Fleabay which as the lens stuck out and the E18 error.  It was cheap, and I'm going to attempt to fix it myself.  I've seen the sites on how to try and re-align the lens body, but ultimately it may have to be disassembled.  I saw that someone had written an S2 repair guide in 2006, but the link was broken. 

Re: Guide for S2 disassembly?
« Reply #1 on: 06 / March / 2008, 14:15:33 »
Hello rocstar! I believe this will help you    How to take a canon S2 IS apart (detail images) - Digital Camera Resource Page - Forums
Good luck! :)
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