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A620 Raw File Name Problem

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A620 Raw File Name Problem
« on: 19 / March / 2008, 15:47:26 »

I am using the latest version of the Allbest build with my Powershot A620, and am having an odd problem when trying to shoot in RAW mode using exposure bracketing in continuous mode. What's happening is I set it to shoot five pictures (what I normally use for making HDRs). However, unless I have the option to put the raw files in the same folder as the jpegs checked, it only creates 4 RAW files though 5 jpegs, and they are still all in the same folder anyway. When I do have that option checked, it creates 5 RAW files, but it names them differently. The jpegs start at IMG_001 and the RAWs start at CRW_002, which throws off processing with DNG4PS2, making it so the last file doesn't get any EXIF data and I think the rest are getting the wrong EXIF data.

Then when I try to import them into Photomatix Pro to create an HDR, it looks all screwy, and while sometimes it works okay if I only use the first 4 images, it usually produces a really grainy image with the colors all out of whack. I've tried renaming the RAW files to fit with the jpegs, but it didn't seem to help importing them into Photomatix. Anyone had this issue before or know a solution?


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Re: A620 Raw File Name Problem
« Reply #1 on: 19 / March / 2008, 16:22:26 »
it only creates 4 RAW files though 5 jpegs
Sometimes happens, but the missing RAW file gets stored in another folder. Are you sure it is not there somewhere?

really grainy image with the colors all out of whack
Remember RAW are unprocessed data, they will be noisy etc.

BTW, maybe I'm wrong but...I think you don't really need RAW files to do HDR. You already have several exposures (highlights and shadows well exposed in at least one of the pictures). You don't benefit with the 2 extra bits of the RAW file. And the JPGs are already very good processed by the camera. I bet you'll get better results with the JPGs.


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