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720is - wrong firmware for CHDK?

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720is - wrong firmware for CHDK?
« on: 05 / March / 2008, 22:26:19 »
I checked my firmware on a 720is purchased at Christmas from Circuit City.  Firmware says it is V

Anyone have any suggestions on upgrading firmware?  Canon site lists no firmware upgrades available.  Also seems strange as I can't find anyone listing this version.



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Re: 720is - wrong firmware for CHDK?
« Reply #1 on: 05 / March / 2008, 22:36:11 »
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Re: 720is - wrong firmware for CHDK?
« Reply #2 on: 21 / March / 2008, 12:18:58 »
hi terryp,

i don't want to speak for mx3 here (or any of the guys working hard on CHDK for everyone's benefit) but i hope you actually clicked on that link - although it looks like it is just a blunt "go read the FAQ", it actually links to the section of the FAQ that will help you. (to quote: "Please note! your camera's firmware version is NOT or! It's a number that looks similar to this example: 1.01e. If you get a number like, then you did not do it properly. Try again.")

i can totally understand what it is like to come across something new and amazing like CHDK, and want to get it working ASAP, and the first inclination for many people is to ask those who have the knowledge. the thing is though, that a lot of the questions have already been asked, and answered, several times before, and the information is readily available in the wiki pages and the forum posts, without having to repost an already laboured question.

mx3, along with others (GrAnd, ewavr, Allbest, Owen, Fingalo, i probably missed some, but i'm too new to CHDK, and  i probably couldn't list everyone anyway...) do great work on CHDK, and give it to us for free, out of the sheer joy of wanting to be able to get the most out of their own cameras, and wanting to share it with others, and have others share what they figure out in return, and i thank them profusely for it - i am overjoyed that i can do so much more with my camera now than i could with the stock firmware.

i just hope you haven't been put off by the lack of response to your question - there are just too few in the know here to be able to cover all the bases, and it can be frustrating when lots of people look to a few to answer all their questions. so, a genuinely well-meaning piece of advice, to all who come across CHDK and have issues - please read the wiki pages, go through the FAQ, search through the forums - the answers lie within! :) i found what i needed without having to ask anyone, and although it took me a little while (within a day or 2 to be honest) i feel better for understanding what CHDK is, and more able to use it to its best advantage.

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