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reduce sharpen in mycolor custom to avoid RAW

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reduce sharpen in mycolor custom to avoid RAW
« on: 11 / December / 2011, 12:51:46 »

during search for digic 4 noise reduction, i think now that digic 4 seem have no noise reduction, it only use a sharpen with a threshhold value.My RAW images are very blur and have no noise.

it get sharpen lots in the canon firmaware. And corners below the threshhold values are not sharpen.If you later want sharp your images, it happen that the corners that are sharpen, get too sharp.

In Canon menu mycolor custom setting it is possible to reduce the sharpen to -2.With this setting i get lots better picture results, when i denoise and sharp later( i use Corel Paintshop pro x4 which have a good denoise and can sharpen in the digital denoise window and can work with scripts. tets neat image, this can sharpen in expert mode too enough).I have also get KPT Equelizer with that use sliders to lower or rise sharpen at pixel 1 2 4 usw.this give better results for seem Canon Firmware use 2 radius values for sharpen.with that tools and mycolor settings i get the jpg details very close to RAW.

Maybe it is possible that the settings of mycolor sharpen is in the propset.I think such things as sharpen, contrast enhance, color reduction or all other what mycolor custom offer, is a thing that digic 4 do.

As i understand all what digic 4 can do have some register in the propset area , or i am wrong ?

If this prop value for sharpen is find, in chdk can be a option that set sharpen global and it can work on all Programs.

currently i can only use my camera in P mode.all other modes let not set the sharpen value in Canon menu
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Re: reduce sharpen in mycolor custom to avoid RAW
« Reply #1 on: 22 / June / 2013, 19:01:31 »
This is an old thread.. but it is related to this test

I used custom color properties patch posted here to set different contrast level on A810 (this model does not have custom colors menu).  My impression is that property change is reflected on generated JPG. :)

Code: [Select]
chdkptp -i -c
connected: Canon PowerShot A810, max packet size 512
con> rec
ERROR: already in rec
con 3>  =set_prop(require('propcase').CUSTOM_CONTRAST, 2); set_prop(require('propcase').MY_COLORS, 11);
con 4> shoot -dl
con 6> =set_prop(require('propcase').CUSTOM_CONTRAST, 254); set_prop(require('propcase').MY_COLORS, 11);
con 7> shoot -dl
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