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Magic Latern Question for booting

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Magic Latern Question for booting
« on: 15 / December / 2011, 15:44:54 »

I hope I write in the right forum, otherwise please move it.

I have some questions about magic latern, because I'm not shure if I understand it right.

I have three SDHC Cards.

What happens if I have one Card with Magic Latern activate bootable flag
and for example 2 other cards without magic latern.

Does it work And I have a "normal" Camera with the 2 cards and only have on one card magic latern.

Is the bootflag set on the card or in the camera.

Do I damage my camera if I put in a card without magig latern???

or only if I put in the bootable card without magic latern???

Is it posible to secure the files on the card which are used for magic latern, that noone can delete it by easy removing with a pc??

For example write protect???

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Re: Magic Latern Question for booting
« Reply #1 on: 16 / December / 2011, 00:46:33 »
You would probably get more useful responses in one of the forums dedicated to ML or perhaps the DSLR subforum here.
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Re: Magic Latern Question for booting
« Reply #2 on: 16 / December / 2011, 03:14:02 »
No, you won't do any damage. Like CHDK, Magic Lantern's files are stored on the SD card, so when you insert a blank SD card without ML the camera will boot in vanilla mode (as stock).

Make sure that the blank cards you use aren't bootable (with tools such as EOScard). If you had never used ML on a card, than this shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, I suggest placing the ML files on it as you normally would, holding the half-shutter (note: this key was possibly changed in latest releases) to boot in vanilla mode without ML, and format it normally from Canon's menu. Next time you reboot the camera it just runs without ML. If for some reason you forget that a blank card is bootable and try to use it, most probably the camera will not turn on. If this happens, make sure to remove the battery from your camera immediately and then remove the card.

I don't believe there's a way to make ML's files 'read-only'. If you want to just delete the photos just delete the DCIM folder and all the photos will be gone. Or else you can boot the card with ML, go to Format from Canon's menu, and if you're using one of the recent builds it will ask you to keep the ML files on the card (which is selected by default). This allows you to format your card (even in low-level) without loosing ML.

Hope this helps! Next time please use one of the dedicated forums (preferably the Vimeo group or the Google Group) when asking questions related to ML, in order to get a faster answer!
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Re: Magic Latern Question for booting
« Reply #3 on: 16 / December / 2011, 16:06:56 »
thx for the clear answer


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