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Windows 7, 64-bit, sd card, 2 partitions: driver?

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Windows 7, 64-bit, sd card, 2 partitions: driver?
« on: 02 / May / 2011, 03:56:09 »

With Windows XP I prepared a sd card for CHDK with 2 partitions, using a modified "Hitachi Microdrive" driver for accessing two partitions of a sd card (or in general: a usb mass storage device).

I have installed Windows 7, 64-bit. But the "Hitachi Microdrive" driver is written for a 32-bit Windows operation system. So I can't use this 32-bit driver for a 64-bit system.

The following solution crashed my Windows 7, 64-bit:
I had to boot with a Linux CD and I had to rename this faulty driver.

Question: How can I access with Windows 7, 64-bit, on the second partition of a sd card (where the photos of a CHDK solution are stored)?

Thanks in advance. - Georg


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Re: Windows 7, 64-bit, sd card, 2 partitions: driver?
« Reply #1 on: 03 / May / 2011, 12:26:25 »

This post explain that I use Ububtu within VirtualBox over Windows 7 - 64b, enabling VirtualBox shared folders between Ubuntu and Win7 and accessing automount USB storage in Ubuntu. This mount both USB partitions in Ubuntu and shared files permit to transfer USB files into Win Folders.

Re: Windows 7, 64-bit, sd card, 2 partitions: driver?
« Reply #2 on: 07 / May / 2011, 18:36:00 »
Because BeeblebroxNT has been abandoned and does not install on Win 7 x64, I finally stumbled on this solution to creating a bootable, 2 partition SDHC card for use with a Canon A720IS.  This may not be the ticket for you, but I thought it would be good to share in this thread for those searching the forum using similar terms I would've used...

To setup a bootable partition on an SDHC card and install CHDK

Make sure the following software is available in the same folder as this Instruction.txt...
CardTricks-144-SFX.exe (run to self-extract to this folder) available at:
PartitionWizard_6.exe (run to install) available at: (extract MBRfix.exe to this folder) available at:
Desired CHDK build/version for camera (in this case a Canon A720IS)

1. Low-level format card using camera to wipe card clean of any/all partitions
2. Put card in USB reader
3. Install and run Partition Wizard software
4. Delete the single, primary FAT32 partition on card (entire card formated as FAT32)
    [note: PW does not perform actions until you click the Apply button]
5. Create new Primary 16 MB FAT partition (will be a FAT12 filesystem)
6. Format remaining unallocated space as a primary FAT32 partition (ignore warning re. windows
   only able to see first partition, Process takes a minute or two).  Then quit PW
7. Run CardTricks
8. Select card (16 MB partition only thing visible/mounted)
9. Click "Make Bootable" button and quit CardTricks
10. Copy "DISKBOOT.BIN" file from chosen CHDK build to card
11. Determine what drive number the card reader is. (count the number of drives shown under Computer in Explorer...
    for example: drive C: = 0, drive D: = 1, drive F: card reader = 2. If a disc is in your CD/DVD, then drive E: shows
    up and becomes #2 which would make the card = 3)
12. In Explorer, shift-right click on folder containing this and all other associated software files
    and select "Open command window here")
13. type:  mbrfix /drive 2 /partition 1 setpartitiontype 0 (assuming card reader drive is #2 in Explorer's list)
    and quit CMD. This sets the 16 MB partition as unknown and thus invisible to Windows
14. Remove card from reader
15. Insert card into reader. Second, larger FAT32 partition now becomes visible (same drive letter)
16. Copy CHDK folder in CHDK zip file (if applicable) to the card
17. Create a new folder on card named "DCIM"
18. Create a new folder in /DCIM named "100CANON"
19. Remove card from reader
20. Lock the card
21. Put card in camera and turn on. Camera should boot up and show CHDK splash screen.
    If camera says "Card Locked" then something above was not done correctly.  Repeat procedure carefully.

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Re: Windows 7, 64-bit, sd card, 2 partitions: driver?
« Reply #3 on: 10 / January / 2012, 13:30:52 »
I done it, but when chdk start I see 16mb partition and not the other tha I can see in windows 7, why?


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