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Speed up interval shots

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Speed up interval shots
« on: 09 / March / 2008, 04:37:59 »
I have a Canon S3. 
Scripts install automatically. 
All seems OK.
Everything works well.


 First is the slowness of response time of camera and the photo cycles.
Set the 'timing' to git-up-an-go-go-go !!! 

Have it set to 0.1 interval and then take a shot after 2 and/or 3 seconds. 
It takes a picture once every 5~6 seconds....
I have set the size of the photo files at around 1.2Mb and down to 200kb...Makes no difference... takes a shot every 5~6 seconds anyway !!!
I also have a fast fast memory card  [150x ~ 1Gb SD card~Ultra]....LOCKED.
When running "Interval Shots" my camera is in MANUAL MODE throughout.

Oh... my pooter is running XP~2Gb Sys Mem~ 256VidMem  nVidea card. Gaming pooter so it should respond well for REGULAR slide show [and does] except here in the "Interval Photo Mode"
What size do YOU use... and how/why... ?!?!
What am I missing ?!?!

Issue #2....

Read on these forums that it is nice we can have better images for interval shots yet when I run them as in a slide show.   They jerk if the file is 8~900kb or larger.  Below a size around 400kb they seem to run smoothly... but even so, I thought the option was to maintain quality viewing....ie; a larger file.

I have tested these with the generic slideshow by IrFanVue... as well as ProShow Gold.  My settings to get something decent on either slideshow program is in the area of 0.10 to 0.05/second with transition timing [ a simple CUT transition] the same... 0.10 to 0.05/second...as the 'slide'.

Doesn't seem like I am doing it right.

What do YOU use as a benchmark for running the interval photos...TIMING ?!?!
I DO NOT have any problems with regular slide shows nor other graphics in any way shape or form.


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Re: Speed up interval shots
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Re: Speed up interval shots
« Reply #2 on: 09 / March / 2008, 13:28:41 »

This is not a forum on how to use your computer nor computer slide-show software. This forum is for CHDK issues only.
I understand that.
I included the information to give a clearer picture of what I am trying to accomplish.
My 'focus' is on the settings of the script.  
That way, hopefully the answers I am seeking can be more clearly defined.

Obviously I do not have it set properly, or am using the wrong one, or wrong  parameters. 

Will dig where you have suggested in a minute and see if my answers are there.

Re: Speed up interval shots
« Reply #3 on: 10 / March / 2008, 01:27:20 »

Press Menu (not while in <ALT> mode), scroll down to Review and turn that to Off.

Went to the site you suggested but found I didn't need to dig any further as what you mentioned  [see above] was the answer. 
Had the REVIEW set to 3 seconds and I guess that along with the time element the camera was 'working' gave me my 5~6s  time interval.

Now I am running  1 1/2  seconds between shots, and that is with 1.5 meg files being created !!!


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