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Would you be for or against adding a "Marketplace" and/or "Classifieds" sub-forum?

For (yes, I like this idea)
4 (80%)
Against (no, I dislike this idea)
1 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 4

POLL: Add a "Marketplace" or "Classifieds" sub-forum?

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POLL: Add a "Marketplace" or "Classifieds" sub-forum?
« on: 17 / January / 2012, 20:34:12 »
These are just ideas, and being that I have no real influence around here, the results of this poll will not guarantee they be implemented. 

An example of a "Marketplace" sub-forum:


Now the link above is just an example, and is far more complex than would be useful here on this forum.  The two sub-sub-forums I feel could be somewhat useful here are the "Classifieds" forum and the "Great Finds" forum, both of which could make it easier for forum members to buy the camera(s) they are looking for.

Vote and give feedback please!


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