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problems with username/logging in

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problems with username/logging in
« on: 09 / April / 2012, 12:40:34 »
I established a new account through the regular registration process because I thought the issues I was having with my prior one (username not recognized) was because of the facebook registration I originally used.  However, I am still unable to login (Hmm, username not recognized...) and am forced to use the "reset password" link in the email.  This lasts for approximately one login, then I am forced to do reset password login again.  PLEASE do not ask me if I am typing in the right username, I am.  I have cleaned cache and temp files.  This is very frustrating, having to go to the email, reset the password, then log.  The upshot is if I cannot fix this I will just leech as a guest and stop contributing because while I can contribute things toward CHDK I wil not waste extra time trying to log in.  I did PM an administrator via my old account but was unable to check replies after 12 hours as I received the message that user does not exist ( i did not delete the old account). 


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