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Hi Folks- (TX-1 question)

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Hi Folks- (TX-1 question)
« on: 09 / March / 2008, 22:18:38 »
What a little jewel this site is!
I've been a big Canon P&S fan since I got my new S230 6 years ago.
I now have a TX-1, which I absolutely LOVE. But it would be five times the camera with such features unlocked as are available for the other models.

What needs to be done for the TX-1 to be looked into? I'm not very program-write savvy, but I can certainly test things out, so long as they won't permanently damage my baby! :)

The TX-1 is a bit of an obscure little camera, and it seems few people have them.
If it helps, I have found that people have had to send them in for repair for a "lens error". I don't know if that helps, but I figured I'd toss that out there.

Is it possible to use a firmware developed for another model, or are these all model-specific?
Thanks for taking the time to indulge another "newb". :haha
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You smite like a girl!


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