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s95 or s100

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s95 or s100
« on: 25 / January / 2012, 07:48:29 »
Hi i am going to buy either the s95 or s100. so that i wonder if chdk enables autofocus during video capture or just zooming for s95?
the s100 is capable of doing both

Re: s95 or s100
« Reply #1 on: 03 / February / 2012, 17:00:15 »
You can zoom and re-focus during video with CHDK installed on the S95.

Re: s95 or s100
« Reply #2 on: 06 / February / 2012, 18:31:07 »
another question, how does chdk influence the battery life?

Re: s95 or s100
« Reply #3 on: 07 / February / 2012, 05:57:37 »
My tests show that CHDK impact is about 5-7% battery life or less.

Regarding to S95/S100 and CHDK.
CHDK provide some useful features even for such advanced camera. I found to be useful AutoISO control, badpixel filter, scripting and autofocus/zoom during video.

On one hand no CHDK available for S100 so no such feature could be used (but I believe that camera still cover most requests even without any extension).

In other hand S100 have better optic, video resolution and zooming is silent operation (no motor sound). This is couldn't be emulated by CHDK.

What is more important for you is your choice.


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