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Fun with Lua draw - a camera PIN protection

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Fun with Lua draw - a camera PIN protection
« on: 29 / January / 2012, 14:35:37 »
I've played a little bit with outslider's draw functions.  :)

The attached script simulates a PIN input. The numbers were shown as a seven segment display. When the script runs as autostart script you have a small protection against unwanted users. Yes, I know this is not really a protection. It's more fun.

In the script parameter you can select a PIN and the LCD width dimension (360 or 480). The script  switch in record mode to playback mode. Every wrong input shuts down the camera.

Use up & down for numbers, left & right for position and set for enter.

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Re: Fun with Lua draw - a camera PIN protection
« Reply #1 on: 29 / January / 2012, 14:54:23 »
Haha, I was thinking of this too, but havn't done :) I'll try your script tomorow, since I've left my camera in my friend's house.

There could be an optional parameter to change behavior in a case of wrong PIN - camera could start blinking all leds and play all possible sounds :D Imagine thief's face!

It would be funny to borrow such scripted camera your friend on fools' day!
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