Possible to display ghost image of last picture for stereo shots - 1 camera?

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I would like to do stereo shots, but only have 1 camera (actually I have lots of cameras but only 1 of each kind).  Can CHDK use the functionality of the "stitch" feature to show a ghost image of the entire last picture?  Combine that with a grid, and you could line up some really nice non-tripod 3d shots.

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This is something indeed what I also would like, but perhaps the ghost picture in cyan and the to be taken picture in red, so that it becomes a live anaglyph.

Indeed very interested in such a feature in CHDK.

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I thought the SDM build already had something like this?

I thought the SDM build already had something like this?

Yes, on many cameras you have Outline mode to aid taking the two photos and colour or monochrome anaglyph display of resulting image in playback mode.

Does not work on all cameras, presumably because of memory and speed issues.


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