help needed: a530 import into trunk and finding some addresses

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    i just took the code of the a530 port from bondo, updated
    it to the current trunk and fixed it, so that it compiled again

    now i need your help for two things:

    * please import it into the subversion trunk, so that new builds
       for this port will be created in the future and that it will be
       easier to keep it in shape ... the port works very well and
       stable due to my and others experience ... can anyone
       please take over the task of integrating the code into the

    * in order to make it work with the current trunk i had to add
       some functions with most probably wrong addresses in
       platform/a530/sub/100a/lib.c and .../stubs_entry_2.S for
       which someone needs to analyze the firmware dump of the
       a530 (which is available via the chdk wiki) in order to find
       the correct addresses (i don't have the software required
       for this) - all five addresses are marked with
         /* XXXA530XXX */
       in the code

    * the changes to trunk (as a file a530.diff) and the new files
       (for platforms and loader) as well as some binaries compiled
       from those sources and the current trunk are available at
 - 0.23MB

    all the fame for this port goes to bondo, who did the port - i
    just made it compile again against the current code and fixed
    one minor bug (jpeg/raw file numbering)

    a lot of thanks in advance and best wishes - image13


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