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Retain the unretained settings.

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Retain the unretained settings.
« on: 23 / February / 2008, 12:48:06 »
There are some settings which the camera doesn't keep when you turn it off.  It would be nice to have these settings restored when the camera is powered on.  I think it's just saving the current settings and issues some key strokes upon startup.  Maybe this can be done with a script?  I'm not up on scripting yet so I don't know.

On my A710...
Drive Mode - The camera FPS simply isn't so fast that I can't have continuous mode on all the time.
Spot Metering - Evaluative and Center Weighted are retained, but Spot mode isn't.
Focus Mode - Macro or Manual focus is never retained.  Of course, neither is the manual focus position.
Zoom Position - Would be nice for the camera to zoom to the last position.

A bonus operation would be if the camera were to restore the zoom position, focus mode, and focus position if the camera happens to put the lens away while you're busy setting up a shot.


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Re: Retain the unretained settings.
« Reply #1 on: 23 / February / 2008, 16:24:39 »
my cam zooms to last position when i save settings (when you start cam in C mode). all other settings are saved as well. hm.

Re: Retain the unretained settings.
« Reply #2 on: 23 / February / 2008, 17:04:38 »
What's a "C" mode?  :P

I think only the S, G, and maybe the high-end A series have the custom setting.  All the other cameras, like my A710,  don't have any sort of custom setting mode.

Re: Retain the unretained settings.
« Reply #3 on: 23 / February / 2008, 19:01:31 »
I second Graystar's request - am bothered by those constant resettings as well.

And yes, please - could we maybe have a "custom" setting (or more) for the cameras that don't have that feature built in?

I wouldn't mind giving up one of the settings on the mode wheel for this purpose - I never use Portrait, Landscape or Night Scene settings anyway ....  Or would it be possible to run a script that simply recorded all the present setting of the camera to keep?


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Re: Retain the unretained settings.
« Reply #4 on: 12 / March / 2008, 02:32:07 »
Yea I'd like this too. I wonder if a script could do it.
I'm doing rally photography, and the cars appear very fast out of the forest (lucky though they make more noise and I can hear them like 10 secs before I see them)
Every single time when I turn on the camera I have to at least switch to multishot and zoom but usually don't have time to zoom precisely. Plus that the lens retract when going to preview mode is just as annoying. Other times I even don't have the time to set the right exposure.
Between cars I sometimes go to preview mode to delete bad photos but the lens retract after 1 min and wreck my zoom position.

It would be best if the camera would go to the exact same state when turned back on (zoom, focus, multishot, wb etc etc)
I guess it's C mode we need
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Re: Retain the unretained settings.
« Reply #5 on: 12 / March / 2008, 05:50:16 »
Cool idea. I was only just bemoaning the S3 not storing the spot metering setting, but if we could store all the other settings too, that would be great.

Re: Retain the unretained settings.
« Reply #6 on: 12 / March / 2008, 13:47:05 »
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Re: Retain the unretained settings.
« Reply #7 on: 12 / March / 2008, 19:50:14 »
A script can't know what settings to retain if it isn't running when the camera shuts down (or gets switched to play mode), but for the settings that you know you'll always want to be the same at least for the time being a script could help if you set it autorun on startup. But even so it is a bit cumbersome and doesn't solve things possibly screwed up by preview mode, especially since we don't have a separate startup script slot (or do we?), just one current script.

Like others, I've gotten frustrated with the camera switching off continuous shooting mode and zoom as well and would really like this feature to be a set-and-forget CHDK option using which the camera would just work the way we expect... ideally it could even check the clock and revert to some defaults (like auto white balance, single shot mode, wide angle) if the camera is powered on after more than 30 minutes.

But... maybe we don't actually desperately need an option to resume all kinds of settings and the menus to configure this, but instead do it in a more general fashion by adding these four configurable menu items:

1) select script to be run right after power-on
2) select script to be run right before power-off
3) select script to be run right after switch-to-rec-mode
4) select script to be run right before switch-to-play-mode

Scripts 2 and 4 would then be programmed save settings right before the camera is let to power off or switch to play mode and the other two would load the saved settings.

Of course, we need proper file I/O commands for scripts to do it this way. I'm not sure how many other applications these autorun scripts would be good for, maybe someone will think of something ;)


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