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Time Lapse Camera Box

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Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #10 on: 04 / March / 2012, 07:18:47 »
Hey that sounds pretty good.  I thought about the food box idea too but I had already bought the other box so...  The food box should be cheaper for sure and just as water tight.  If you don't paint it you could use that camouflage ducttape. It has a really nice camo pattern on it.

I may have to use that voltage regulator idea in the future ... if I use a different camera that doesn't take 3V input.  Or maybe it would even be "safer" to use it with my current setup?

Look forward to seeing yours.

Thanks for the inspiration, I went out this afternoon and bought a "watertight" food box,
 including a UV and polariser and a voltage regulator module so to allow me to precisely fix the output from the battery pack.
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Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #11 on: 04 / March / 2012, 07:37:39 »
I have to give a try for this idea;) I'm playing with timelapses through my window, but there are a lot of light reflections on the glass. So food box outside the window would be great idea:) But that's the job for the next weekend.

Anyway - thanx for the idea!
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Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #12 on: 04 / March / 2012, 15:18:01 »
To help with the reflections try putting a dark towel taped to the window around the camera.  Just to black light/reflections from the inside on the glass the camera is looking thru.  Also when you make your box probably a good idea to paint the inside black to minimize reflections.  At least that is why I painted mine black.  Also a polarizing filter will help cut down on reflections.  I use one when I am making a timelapse from a car and it helps.

Just lately I have gotten into shooting these time lapse sequences and it is driving my wife nuts.  Fun fun!

Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #13 on: 07 / March / 2012, 18:08:44 »
Well I got done with the initial run-time estimate.

Using: 8xAA Dolar General Brand Akalines

3 Sesions:

   1.)  1.5 hours some shots on Auto/Program, some shots with ~5sec exposure
   2.)  2 hours with ~10sec exposure (LCD off via AV plug)
   3.)  8 hours on Auto/Program (LCD off via AV plug) (5800 shots at 0.3MP)

So that's pretty good, I'm still going to go with some NiMH batteries though.  Maybe like these, for $7 I can't go but so wrong.

Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #14 on: 08 / March / 2012, 17:00:02 »
Instead of auto mode you might be interested in this universal intervalometer with auto-exposure:


It adjusts the shutter time based on scene brightness and fixet ISO/Av. It's a little bit slow (not more than 3-4 photos per minute) but it's ok for timelapse.
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Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #15 on: 10 / March / 2012, 13:26:45 »
Thanks for the link and the effort you put in.  I'll definitely check it out and report back.  Waiting on batteries to  come in now.

Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #16 on: 25 / March / 2012, 19:52:16 »
Well batteries haven't arrived yet but I found that I did have 8 eneloops so I've been using them and alkalines.  Took this one yesterday:

03 24 2012 - Yuma VA - Time lapse

Ran for close to 11hrs on 8x Energizer Alkalines.  Was still taking pictures when I took it down.  I would have been surprised if it went past 12hrs though.

I ordered a larger lens hood but it's too large, what I should have done was use a bigger UV filter as my window.  Maybe something in the 70mm range.  That would have done two things:
1.) Make the camera easier to position inside the box to see through the window
2.) allow for use of a bigger lens hood to shelter the window from rain drops (there are a couple in the above video) (the current hood can be seen at the edges unless you use zoom)
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Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #17 on: 25 / March / 2012, 23:50:33 »

I am doing the same things. Why not build a time lapse camera using AC ADAPTER?I am trying to make the camera that can hold 1 week until I back home.Well, the box is amazing. But it's trouble to recharge the battery every day.

Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #18 on: 26 / March / 2012, 06:39:58 »
My initial thought was that I would be having the box sit where there was no AC power.  Like hiking to some high point and setting it up.  Then let it run and go back and get it the next day.  I think with my current design I would like to have a little more runtime so I may add another row of 8xAAs.  The way I have them wired I could use 2-16 AAs in multiples of 2.

I've thought about the AC adapter, which is how I used the camera before the box.  I think I'm just going to put a hole in the box which can fitted with a rubber cap.  The hole would be big enough to snake the AC adapter-end through it.  That would give the extended runtime with out sacrificing the weather-proofness.

I am going to use the box soon to take a sequence of my yard growing (which is happening at a frightening pace this year.)  It would be nice to use the day/time selective script and the AC adapter to avoid changing batteries and repositioning the camera.

Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #19 on: 26 / March / 2012, 07:35:14 »
Use a DC/DC converter and a 12V lead-acid battery :-

Ebay # 190653877607

You can use a car battery or a smaller, sealed lead-acid one :-

Ebay # 120763733719



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