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Time Lapse Camera Box

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Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #20 on: 09 / April / 2012, 11:09:34 »
I built a box with a CARLON 6" x 6" x 4" Junction Box from a hardware store. It has a rubber gasket and stainless steel screws. I put in a 72mm skylight filter by cutting a smaller hole with a jigsaw, then sanding with a tapered drinking glass wrapped in sandpaper. When I could force the threads of the filter, I used silicone caulk inside and out, and on the outer edge of the glass to get a good seal. If you want a watertight connection for wires, try this "cable gland": http://www.adafruit.com/products/761.
I did a short timelapse, but my main use was movies and pictures of some rare animals called lampreys (not the parasitic kind) but they ran away. I also want to make a timelapse of a year, with one picture each hour.

Re: Time Lapse Camera Box
« Reply #21 on: 09 / April / 2012, 20:31:58 »
Any pictures of your build?

I definitely like the idea of the bigger filter as a window.  I should have done that.

While using the batteries was simple to wire for this camera I think if I build another it will be a two part box.  One housing for the camera, one for the power source.  The camera could even be placed inside of something like one of those little zip lock "waterproof" cases available on ebay, just run the power cable out.


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