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Trying tele super macro - dangerous ?

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Trying tele super macro - dangerous ?
« on: 13 / March / 2008, 18:56:20 »
Hi folks.
Has anyone tried the super tele macro script and noticed anything different about their cameras ?
Here's why i'm asking :
Some time ago i tried this script on my S3 with no expected effects. I ran it 4-5 times and forgot about it because it seemed not to work. Well and guess what. I think i f*** up my camera :(

It hangs frequently when doing full zoom (ok) and trying to zoom out (immediate hang). It's making a king of click noise. And then it hangs - image on LCD is present, but no backlight, no response to buttons etc. Then i can power it on (without turning it off) and it retracts the lens back and does a normal powerup.  This is repeatable and frequent. Since S3 has it's zoom fast as hell, it happens often to zoom to max and have to zoom back :(
I'm thinking of sending it to repair, maybe the cost wouldn't be so high.. Even if - they may tell me what's broken and we weill have some more knowledge about the dangers of trying super-tele-macro.

Now, i'm not 1000% sure that my problem is directly an effect of trying the above script, cause i haven't been taking many picturest last times. But i'm pretty convinced that these events are related.
despite all the warnings arount the script and method description - I'll tell you more - BETTER SKIP THIS, just for sure..

anyone had something similar ?
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Re: Trying tele super macro - dangerous ?
« Reply #1 on: 14 / March / 2008, 04:19:14 »
it's dangerous because the camera hardware was not designed for such operation like tele macro mode so it can make problems inside the camera

Re: Trying tele super macro - dangerous ?
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Re: Trying tele super macro - dangerous ?
« Reply #3 on: 15 / March / 2008, 17:05:39 »
ok, case solved.
I'm very sorry for the worries i might cause, but today i discovered that the cause of my camera's hanging lies in the zoom rocker switch. It happened to me in playback mode a couple of times today.  Seems like maybe the switch shorts something and that causes the camera to hang. I'm calmer now, better that damned switch, than some mechanical parts inside lenses. Shouldn't be expensive to replace.

Barney, as for camera noises - sadly, S3 makes quite some noises. When i put my ear to the camera i can hear ticking, clicking:) I think they can be related to IS too. they get recorded in movies and can be heard when recorded in quiet environments. lenses makes silent "slap" sound when stop moving (zooming) in movie mode. Hey, it's a big step forward anyway:) ultrasonic zoom is so much better than any else i'v seen in any similar camera. And my A70's inverter is easily heard from a meter away if one can hear high frequencies..

as for the backlight. now it's obvious to me, that in case of shorting some circuit by the zoom rocker(as i suspect), the power surge causes the camera to shut down without resetting the LCD display to blank, so that the image is still present. But before i thought that there is something blocking the lenses, that the camera wasn't expecting and causing the software to go into an unknown state too.. You'll never know..

anyways i'm kind of happy that the reason is not that serious.


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