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Sync Multiple Cameras

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Re: Sync Multiple Cameras
« Reply #10 on: 13 / March / 2012, 08:05:46 »
Hi there.

Thanks for much for replying. :) I was getting a bit negative thinking that I should take up fishing, but your reply gave me new hope!!!

I'm now really exited. I'm now going though the list on the website. (To see what cameras would be best as you need to use the same camera for all the photos or the reconstruction software will think it's two different objects or models.

I will need your assistance a lot with this project and I'm more than happy to give credit where ever I can.
I'm happy to use the form for correspondence should anybody else needs the same type of assistance. Alternatively we can chat on email.  (

At the moment a 10MP+ should give enough pixel data to construct a detailed 3D model. As soon as a camera model is decided I am going to start looking through the net/friends/shops etc for that type of camera. I will need about 16 to 30 cameras to get enough coverage.

Very exited!!!

Re: Sync Multiple Cameras
« Reply #11 on: 16 / December / 2013, 00:02:28 »

(Sorry to revive an old thread) I was wondering if you ever decided on a camera and more importantly if you ever got the synchronized triggering to work. I've been working on 3D reconstructions using arrays of cameras and have been researching and testing CHDK. I'd love to know how you progressed.


Re: Sync Multiple Cameras
« Reply #12 on: 16 / December / 2013, 09:43:34 »
(Sorry to revive an old thread)
FYI : if you click on a forum members name beside their post,  you are taken to a screen that tells you (amongst other things) when they were last online.  In this case. "Blooper" has not logged in for over a year.  Sometimes people register with an email address - you can use the "Send PM" to try and contact him that way.  And occasionally they actually setup the forum to notify them of reponses in the threads they have posted in so you might get lucky that way.
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