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chdk made iPhoto stop sensing card

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chdk made iPhoto stop sensing card
« on: 05 / March / 2012, 00:15:21 »
After I installed the chdk on my memory card, iPhoto no longer senses it. I can still import photos by dragging and dropping them from the finder, but its annoying because I have to manually figure out what has already been imported, and it doesn't autosplit events. Anyone know why it stopped working with iPhoto and how to fix it? Thanks!

Edit: It always worked on the memory card for my SD1100 even after installing the chdk. But now it doesn't work on the card I'm using for my SX230 (and it did work on that card before I installed the chdk).
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I use the chdk on my SX230 and SD1100 cameras, and I installed them using a Macbook, currently running 10.6.8.


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