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Weird sound obiectiv Canon Sx 130

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Weird sound obiectiv Canon Sx 130
« on: 05 / March / 2012, 15:54:41 »

   I bought 3 months ago a new CANON SX 130IS,I used very little about 500 photos,
   I do not hear anything from him until a few days ago when I was in a quiet room,
   When i put my ear closer  I heard a buzzing inside the obiective, it sounds continuously,like a spoiled little engine.all without touching any buttons and all settings for  autofocus are off
    Please, those who have this model, say if it is normal,is in warranty and I would not want to make me ashamed.
    I`m new in this area
    I apologize for my English,is not my native language

Thanks in advance

Re: Weird sound obiectiv Canon Sx 130
« Reply #1 on: 05 / March / 2012, 16:11:18 »
It's ok, the sound comes probably from image stabilizer. I have sx130 and I hear this sound too. It's continous, even if image stabilization is turned off. I did more that 10000 photos with this camera (which I have around 1.5 year) so the noise is not the problem. Even on video the sound noise is not very high.

Others on forum, which own sx130 can say the same (it was already told somewhere on sx130 porting thread).

You said that you didn't hear this sound before - maybe you didn't pay your attention, I'm pretty sure this sound was there before.

Don't apologize, most of people here are not native english, mostly from Russia and Germany. I'm from Poland. So if you know english at comunicative lavel it's enough to use this forum :) I'm sure that this my post is full of linguistic errors too.

Regards and welcome!
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Re: Weird sound obiectiv Canon Sx 130
« Reply #2 on: 06 / March / 2012, 09:44:59 »
    Thank you from the heart    :-[
    Now I am a little more calm ,thanks to you...
    I am from Roamania,nice to mmet you.
    Now I can use the machine without fear, because I know it wont  crack

 A good day I wish you and thanks vrey much


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