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Can I use this for a usb remote cable?

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Re: Can I use this for a usb remote cable?
« Reply #10 on: 18 / March / 2012, 22:00:02 »
I bought my Promaster remote presuming that I needed the proprietary Canon 3-pin connector.  I was incorrect.  As such, I don't need the remote.  If you want it for testing, it's yours.  It's got a 2.5mm stereo female output.
I'm confused.  What are you using to plug into your camera then ?

That being said, I've got something that may be of more use to you. I've got the transmitter half of an Aputure remote release setup.  It's the thing mounts on the camera in the left half of this picture.  It's got a (cold) shoe mount on the base, a 2.5mm female jack, a switch, an output LED (on top), a two-stage switch, and a 2xAAA battery compartment in the back.  Although the 2xAAA may not give the voltage required for a CHDK remote; you may be able to reuse the space.  Perhaps 3xAAAA?  I don't know the preferred battery for a CHDK remote.

Either / both are yours if you want them for experimentation.
Wow - thank you.  However,  bits of stuff to experiment with have never been a limitation.  If you could find me a free week to play and not do anything else,  I'd pretty much kill for that :)

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Re: Can I use this for a usb remote cable?
« Reply #11 on: 19 / March / 2012, 07:47:20 »
I'm just using a 2.5mm male stereo to plug into the camera.  I'm using a foot switch for the final version.  For the moment, I'm just shorting wires.  No need / interest for a hand remote.

Should you want them, just get in touch with me, and I'll gladly send them to you.


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