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Help with Motion Detection

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Help with Motion Detection
« on: 15 / March / 2008, 10:51:01 »
I am using a 729IS, I have successfully loaded the latest fingalo chdk version.  I copy and paste the motion detection script in notepad and save it as a .bas file then put it in my CHDK script folder on the sd card.  When I boot up the camera and start the script it says it has started but i wave my hand in front of the camera and it does nothing.  I have been trying to figure this out for hours, so if anyone can help me if would be much appreciated. Thank you 

Here is the script i used: UBASIC/Scripts: Multipurpose Motion Detection - CHDK Wiki


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Re: Help with Motion Detection
« Reply #1 on: 15 / March / 2008, 12:20:11 »
When you run the script, do you see a grid of green squares?
When you move your hand in front of the camera, the green squares turn red if they detect a difference in luminance. (When a finger gets inside the square).

Did you change the default values of the script? Try lowering the threshold value. By default it is 5 (pretty sensitive already).

Re: Help with Motion Detection
« Reply #2 on: 16 / March / 2008, 10:15:16 »
I have this exact same problem. I don't see any green grids.

I'm using Allbest #37 for my A640 and trying to run MK3's Motion Detection scripts from Barney Fife's post Highest Speed Motion-Detection (Lightning) Scripts.
I saved the text files per the  FAQ/Mac - CHDK Wiki guide just fine.
Then I moved the files over to my 8gb SD card scripts folder and put it back in the camera. 
I start the camera and run CHDK in play back then go into the scripting parameters and load the .bas file.
The -current script- will change to mx3a.bas and everything else is at defaults.
When I go to shoot mode I have the camera in manual with flash turned off and focus set to infinity.
I turn ALT mode on and MX3A.BAS and <ALT> are on the bottom of the screen.
I push the shutter button full to start the scripts and I get a red error message top left that reads uBASIC:1 ukn stmt

This happens with every variation of the motion detection scripts I've ran. Any tips or suggestions. I have to be missing something.
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Re: Help with Motion Detection
« Reply #3 on: 16 / March / 2008, 10:31:35 »
Good new I have figured out the problem.  I dont know why the guide says to save it as a .bas but i tried saving it as a .txt and it works like a charm.  I finally got all the scripts to work by doing this.

Re: Help with Motion Detection
« Reply #4 on: 16 / March / 2008, 10:58:28 »
are you using the UTF-8 encoding?


I just tried ANSI encoding and it started working. weird huh   ::)
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