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SX20 IS "lens error, restart"

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SX20 IS "lens error, restart"
« on: 17 / April / 2012, 10:45:06 »
While on a trip, I was constantly taking my camera out of its case, and putting it back in again. At one point, when I took it out, I got "lens error, restart camera." I have not been able to boot into capture mode since. The outer casing did seem a bit crooked, so I forced it back on, and that didn't help. Since then, I've been trying different web solutions.

It's definitely possible that there is a mechanical problem, even if it's only as a result of my clumsy fix attempts. But, the weird thing is, I get the error when I try to start into playback mode, too. I have to take out the batteries, including the back-up, and re-insert them, then load into playback mode without attempting to load into capture mode first. Then, I can usually access the playback. Given this, I have maintained a faint hope that the problem may actually be software related.

I've tried downloading CHDK to get around that, but it won't work for my camera. I can't even find the version, because pressing FUNC. SET shows me a little digital clock, but pressing the DISP button after doesn't do anything more. I've looked it up, and that should be the correct key combination for my camera (and yes, I've tried it while still holding down the FUNC. SET button). I've been struggling with this for sometime. Now, I have a trip to France this Friday. If I can't get my camera working again, I would like to know in time to buy a new camera before I leave.  :'( So, any help would be really appreciated!

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere. I did do a quick search and didn't find anything helpful, but I didn't dig super deep.


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Re: SX20 IS "lens error, restart"
« Reply #1 on: 17 / April / 2012, 11:18:51 »
You could try this procedure

Fixing Lens Problems on a Digital Camera

Good luck.

Re: SX20 IS "lens error, restart"
« Reply #2 on: 17 / April / 2012, 15:34:00 »
Thanks. I've already been to that blog, though, and none of the fixes helped. I don't have a blow dryer or compressed air can, but I don't really think there's much hope if the problem truly is a mechanical one, anyway.

I forgot to mention another reason I think the problem might not be mechanical. The smaller view screen no longer displays anything, ever. If you're not familiar with the SX20 IS, there is a small screen that looks like the view finder from an SLR, but it is actually digital. When the large LCD screen is closed, the small screen shows exactly what would be on the larger one.

Also, regarding my attempts with finding my version number for CHDK, let me assure everyone that I did have the ver.req and vers.req files on my SD card. I even tried formatting the card a number of different ways, and I still can't get beyond the digital clock.


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Re: SX20 IS "lens error, restart"
« Reply #3 on: 17 / April / 2012, 18:59:39 »
Use ACID to get the version info (and download the right build). All you need is a photo taken by the camera.  See
A570, S100, Ixus 127


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Re: SX20 IS "lens error, restart"
« Reply #4 on: 17 / April / 2012, 19:11:20 »
If you have tried powering on with all of the button combinations you can think of pressed, then it sounds like the camera needs a bit of brain surgery.

You might get lucky fiddling and forcing, although if you have tried pushing and prodding you may have done more damage, but sometimes if you try twisting the lens so that everything is aligned as it should be, (compare with some good hight res pictures from google). This  may require a fair amount of force, ( it should click) you may be in luck,  but I doubt it, failing that, its time to send it off for repair, or if you have a steady hand, and a healthy regard for flash capacitors, fix it yourself.

(I make no claims for the seller of this item, shop around and you may find it cheaper).

Not for the faint hearted I might add, but probably a lot less expensive. If you do go down that line, take care with those tiny little flat cables, and work slowly and methodically, take pictures as you go along. Look for a video of someone else doing the same repair on youtube.
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