Original Rebel XTI Hack - Where and What is the New Bin - Newbie Guidance

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I finally and correctly hacked my Rebel Xti giving it Spot Metering and ISO changes but I think this was the original hack where you have to press another metering mode to return back to normal from Spot Metering.

The posting stated that this would be corrected in an updated BIN.

Could someone tell me where and what is the latest BIN or Hack for the Xti that works?

Since I did the preliminary steps or hack, would I just have to replace the BIN currently residing on my CF card?

If there is a new BIN, is there a guide as to how to work the new features? I know there is 400Plus but isn't that in development?

I am a newbie here, and thought I was going to break the camera but I got the original hack to work but want to know about the updates.

Just a fyi that I downloaded and installed the 2010 bin from 400plus page and installed it onto my CF card after removing the original xti hack bin.

The features discussed on the 400plus page seem to be working and enabled without making further mods to my CF card.

Is this correct?

You might want to have a look at http://code.google.com/p/400plus/; latest "BIN" was released yesterday...


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