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Full auto exposure (and some ideas about it)

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Full auto exposure (and some ideas about it)
« on: 19 / April / 2012, 14:48:48 »
It may be very beneficial to create full exposure control by CHDK. When I need to control only one value (like ND filter state) overwriting it by CHDK makes exposure wrong, and I have to compensate for everything. Auto from old cameras is also very dump, and can by easily improved by CHDK.

Some propositions:
-Forced chosen Shutter speed, when flash is on.
-When flesh is on using it's maximum power and lower ISO if possible (or lower than maximum power and minimum ISO).
-Highlight priority.
-No ND filter when much light, fast shutter speed and flash.

Some propositions which can be used also in current auto ISO:
-Minimum shutter speed together with Auto ISO (to force camera to use at least 1/20 with wide angle).
-Higher allowed blur, then switching from ISO 400 to ISO 800, then between ISO 80 and ISO 160 (noise will destroy more detail, so blur will be less visible.
-AF assist lamp only on, then flash on and low exposure.

Some difficult to implement, but usable propositions:
-Shutter speed depending one camera shaking and subject movement.
-Using lower ISO and  processing it to higher ISO, if higher ISO will produce more noise then this (like ISO 80 and ISO 100 in S100), or similar amount of noise (for better potential highlight recovery).

Controlling more by CHDK will make CONF_RW.LUA script more usable.
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