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SD1100/ixus 80 porting ....

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Re: SD1100/ixus 80 porting ....
« Reply #360 on: 06 / May / 2012, 18:38:04 »
I've added this in trunk changeset 1840, release changeset 1841

I'm not really clear on the logic of skipping certain input values. This was probably an attempt to make the script LED numbers consistent across cameras, but this hasn't been done consistently across other ports. We really need to do something like the mode map, with named/known values.

Looking into this a little more, it may be preferable to use the LEDDrive function (playing nicely with the Canon OS rather than poking the MMIOs directly).  This is found correctly by the sigfinder, but will need some testing to determine the correct values. See comments in d10 changeset 1839 for information about the parameters. If you have eventprocs enabled, you can test this in lua using
call_event_proc('LEDDrive',<LED NUM>,<VALUE>)
Using ptp, you can test interactively
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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