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sd750 switch_mode_usb(1) chdkptp

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sd750 switch_mode_usb(1) chdkptp
« on: 24 / April / 2012, 20:01:51 »
Canon PowerShot SD750 b=001 d=028 v=0x4a9 p=0x314e s=B6A4838ABD1C48199FECB49F93804CC1
firmware: GM1.02A

chdk installed/seems to run on the cam without problems.

i compiled chdkptp from SVN and tried to switch modes -
seems like it doesn't switch ( no lens action )

I do see in ALT mode that camera script "FINISHES"

Any pointers, similar experiences?



i just chdk'd my sx230hs and switch_mode_usb(1) works!

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Re: sd750 switch_mode_usb(1) chdkptp
« Reply #1 on: 24 / April / 2012, 23:34:31 »
SD750 appears to be one of the weird transition vxworks/propset 2/digic III cams, so it's quite possible it just doesn't work.

A560 is a similar transitional camera, and also has problems

It's possible that implementing the dryos style switch_mode_usb (see platform/generic/wrappers.c) would fix it (although IIRC someone tried that with a560 and it didn't work.) You may need to find the addresses for _Rec2PB etc.
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