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use git!

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Re: git?
« Reply #20 on: 03 / April / 2010, 21:26:25 »
take a look and let me know what you think.
Seems fine to me. I'll have to play a bit more with it next week to really get a feel for git and GitHub.

Re: git?
« Reply #21 on: 04 / April / 2010, 13:33:09 »
i found the assembla chdk page. Perhaps we should make better use of the assembla features aside from svn hosting. i'm not married to the idea of using github, its just gotten really popular. i don't know if there are technical reasons for the popularity but popularity alone can be worthwhile.

i guess i'm trying to provoke some discussion and hopefully some conclusions. i appreciate that the chdk lead developers are much more affected by this than i am.

(oh, and sorry for starting the new thread. i swear i searched the forum. i really did)


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Re: use git!
« Reply #22 on: 08 / April / 2010, 13:17:02 »
I merged the threads. As a side effect Chr's original thread was moved here from the 'CHDK releases' section.

Re: use git!
« Reply #23 on: 14 / June / 2010, 08:15:52 »
i'm trying to grab the latest changes from the svn repository and push them to the git repository.

git svn fetch
git gc

both work but

git push --all origin

simply reports

Everything up-to-date


anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

Re: use git!
« Reply #24 on: 21 / June / 2010, 10:41:12 »
I suspect that the problem is that i'm using the github import rather than importing on my local machine.

but i don't know. i'm in over my head.

the project will be resumed when someone else can help out or pick up the torch.


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Re: use git!
« Reply #25 on: 22 / June / 2010, 06:40:06 »
you can try pulling from my branch (c10ud/chdk-trunk) into your master (my master branch has some modifications that are not in chdk-trunk), i imported the whole svn right now.

btw: for your problem, make sure you're in the right branch (with git status) when pushing otherwise it won't work


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Re: use git!
« Reply #26 on: 07 / May / 2012, 06:21:01 »
Sorry for reviving an old thread and bikeshedding but, how about moving chdk to git *grin* (and github in particular)?

- easier and nicer branching (now that there's trunk, 1.0, etc.)
- allows organizations (e.g. the "CHDK Team" owns the main chdk branch, just like svn would do it)
- tools and autobuilds need little change (e.g. git pull chdk master or git pull chdk r1.0 instead of svn up)
- code reviews are super (in-line comments through web)
- pull requests (easily integrate patches from other developers with a single click..........or reject them with a nice inline comment ;))
- tools, tools, tools:

- i think we can even import the chdk wiki from wikia into a nicer github wiki (no ads)
edit2: DONE! ofcourse there's still some issues and room to improve (like removing User and Files pages) but this is just a test

as an example i imported chdk recently while working on s100 because i find myself more comfortable with it (note: i very much used svn in the past), see the result (main branch, other branches):

Ofcourse this is mostly dependant on current chdk main devs (reyalp, philmoz, etc. ..and autobuild people) will and habits, i'm just throwing ideas

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