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Idea for USB Remote V1/V2

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Idea for USB Remote V1/V2
« on: 12 / May / 2012, 14:27:28 »
Well... I don't know if anybody has came with this yet, anyway, this is my idea:

Using Nintendo's nunchuk ( ) as USB Remote for CHDK.


1) It has a Control Stick that could be used to navigate in CHDK's or camera's menus. No more wearing to the camera's fragile jog-dial...

2) It has two buttons (called C and Z), that could be used for shutting, and for focus or zoom (one of the two buttons would be the + or increase, and the other one the - or decrease). Two buttons, two different press-time lengths (long, short) = 4 functions.

3) It has an three-axis acelerometer. Now nothing comes to my mind about which CHDK or native camera function could take benefit from it, but I'm sure that you guys will find something :)

4) It fits nicely in the hand. It's light, and it's available in a lot of colours. This last thing could seem a silly thing, but I'm sure that there will be a lot of people that will be happy to have a controller that is the same colour of their camera.

5) Everything with an I2C can use it. The Arduino community uses it almost for everything, and that means that a lot of intermediate interfaces and code are already available. Just give it a check in your favourite online electronics store or DIY forum.

6) It's really cheap! And can be found even cheaper, if you buy it second-hand. No need to buy it original from Nintendo, there's also third parties' providers. Some of the latter are wireless!

7) I can totally see someone holding and pointing the camera with his left hand, and using the nunchuk with his right hand. Ergonomy is a must! :)

What do you think about it, guys?
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Re: Idea for USB Remote V1/V2
« Reply #1 on: 12 / May / 2012, 14:57:59 »
Nice idea.   Unfortunately,  the USB port on your camera is what's known as a "device".   So is the nunchuk.

You need a USB port that's known as a "host" to talk to a "device".  Two devices cannot talk to each other.

Another term for this is master / slave.   Slaves can only communicate with masters.

If you wanted a fun project,  you could probably hook a Nunchuk to an Arduino controller and use the Arduino to talk to CHDK via pwm of the 5V on the USB port.
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