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Canon HFS 21 video camera

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Canon HFS 21 video camera
« on: 14 / May / 2012, 01:37:43 »
Hi there
I'm new to programming so not really sure what to do

I own a legria  HFS 21, it takes awesome video and pictures BUT, the video is subject to several artefacts that the still pictures don't contain (taken at the same time as the video)
Anyone that knows what this range of camera is capable and also the specs , I'm sure will agree there are some things that if unlocked would completely put this camera almost on par with some of the 'broadcast' range of camcorders in terms of image quality.

Due to the nature of video , it posses the 'twittering' artefact ( I think , it's basically a black edge on high contrast areas that without it would dramatically increase the resolution)
I'm guessing it's either due to the possibly line skipping or de bayering???
The reason I'm not sure what's doing it is because on the DSLR it's clear what the line skipping does to the video vs stills but the video on these camera's is actually very close to the stills with the exception of some artifacting

, now clearly it's possible to disable it somehow because  the sensor is very powerful and it disables it for taking stills, so the question for me is, how to tweak it in the firmware or by using the CHDK?

Clearly Canon have only put adjusted the setting to adhere to an interlacing standard despite the fact
Hopefull someone on here has been able to gain access to the IVIS/Legria/Vixia range

What I find interesting though, (and before anyone jumps on me )

the upgrade, the HFG10 with a smaller sensor at only the 2 mp range still exhibits these artefacts in the video despite apparently using a sensor only 2mp instead of the so called effective 6mp of the HFS21 , so therefore if the HFG10 still shows it in the video, is it infact because of line skipping even thought there would be no need to supposedly with the HFG10 or actually just a setting that was implemented intentionally?
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Re: Canon HFS 21 video camera
« Reply #1 on: 17 / May / 2012, 00:24:23 »
As far as I know, there's no working hack for any of the Canon DV cams. They are quite different from both the P&S and DSLRs. Some preliminary analysis has been done, wiki in the category. There are also some threads on the forum, which you should be able to find them from the wiki pages or forum search.

To do anything with this, you will need significant programming and reverse engineer skills, along with a willingness to spend a lot of time on it.
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