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Re: S1 IS
« Reply #20 on: 22 / January / 2013, 19:57:52 »
Will continue to work on CHDK for S1 IS?
Are waiting for the final version.
For now, prealpha7 is the "final" version.
It probably won't be integrated into the official CHDK source, due to the amount of changes it would require.
Other problems with the port:
- the source contains huge number of hacks, many of which do not work satisfactorily
- not all CHDK functionality is supported
- most CHDK scripts require modifications to run
- CPU performance is bad

If you have specific problems, report them.

Silent update, prealpha8
bug fixed
- free space measuring method has been changed as the old hacky method turned out to be very buggy
  note that unlike in newer cameras,
  - files written by or deleted by CHDK do not immediately change the free space display (probable reason is that
    a caching file system is used)
  - the camera sometimes corrects its idea of free space
    - after recording an audio note
    - after taking a picture (which means the space taken by the new DNG/RAW file is immediately noticed)
    - ...

BUG: Do not enable DOF calculations or anything that involves focal lengths. The camera will crash badly if you do... This bug affects all previous releases too.
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Re: S1 IS
« Reply #21 on: 14 / April / 2013, 20:05:08 »
Prealpha 9

This is a CHDK 1.2 based release. Be sure to copy the CHDK folder to the card, not just PS.FIR.

- keyboard handling partly rewritten, shoot() now mostly works, ubtest succeeds (if the camera finds the focus fast enough)
- ptp now works in play mode, just don't forget to load CHDK before trying. File upload may not be entirely reliable (my tests completed without a problem though).
- the included extend.m script lets you load CHDK with a single press on the SET button, if you start the cam in play mode.
- the DOF display related bugs should be gone

Source repo is now

Here's the extend.m script, to avoid unnecessary package downloads  ;)
Code: [Select]
private sub Initialize
end sub


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Re: S1 IS
« Reply #22 on: 09 / November / 2014, 14:51:50 »
One thing was still bothering me: white balance information was not available for DNGs. I managed to find the equivalent of PROPCASE_WB_ADJ, the propcase is called "WhiteCoefficient" in this firmware. From brief testing it appears to work.

Prealpha 10:

- White balance is now recorded in DNGs.