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Noise Issue with SD1000

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Re: Noise Issue with SD1000
« Reply #10 on: 19 / March / 2008, 01:18:24 »
I think you may be expecting something that you aren't going to get from RAW. However, in your latest example, take a look at the pattern on the wall beside her. Also look in the window. The pattern has more detail to it, and you can make out the screen in the window.

If you want a result that looks like an out-of-camera JPEG, you may be better off shooting in JPEG mode. RAW hasn't had any processing done to it, except for dark frame subtraction in long exposures. Unless you can replicate the camera's colours and tone curve, you'll won't be able to make it look like an out-of-camera JPEG with better noise reduction.

Try looking at the RAW frame as if you never shot a JPEG, and process it the way you would like it to look without already having an idea of what a finished JPEG should look like.


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Re: Noise Issue with SD1000
« Reply #11 on: 19 / March / 2008, 04:42:25 »
There is also the possibility of in Camera Raw develop, althoug it looks really like in camera jpg, it's much more effort that just shooting in raw.

So you can try all the camera options on the picture.


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