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High Speed Burst HQ

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High Speed Burst HQ
« on: 28 / May / 2012, 17:36:53 »
I finally got chdk loaded on my sx40hs, but the menu language is so geeky that i am having a hell of a tough time in understanding the directions on how to choose correct settings ("override" = "yes" or "no" or "override" -- how obscure and unnecessarily obtuse is that??) . The main reason I wanted CHDK was to manually control ISO settings in all situations (including "AUTO"), especially the "Scene" choice of High Speed Burst HQ (8 shots a second), because left on its own the camera always chooses a much higher ISO than I would, making High Speed Burst HQ pretty much useless (so called "continuous" shooting is more like 2 shots a second, which is pretty lousy!) I have been utterly unable to choose the correct settings to get this accomplished. The camera still chooses high ISO settings even though I have tried to limit it to a high setting of 400). Any help would be much appreciated. I am about ready to ditch the camera (which I love in many ways!) and buy a Panasonic FZ150 which has a non-complex way of taking up to 10 shots a second, with settings manually controlled by the user.


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