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s90 100c users help requested

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s90 100c users help requested
« on: 04 / June / 2012, 02:10:21 »
The dump here seems very strange to me https://www.box.com/chdk#/chdk/7/55272271

If anyone has this camera and can make a new dump with the canon basic dumper, that would be appreciated.

I would also be interested to know if the current autobuild works...

For example, a bunch of eventproc names appear twice, while they only appear once for other cameras.  e.g GetVRAMHPixelsSize appears at FF9B2F4A and FFC13B4A, while in 101c it only appears at FFC201E8.

FFC13B4A appears at FF9BF360. The following values is FFAFB0EC, which looks very different from this function on every other firmware versions. In 101c, this function appears at FFAFF494, and looks like it does on every other camera from digic II to digic V.

Also, apparently valid code jumps to the addresses where some of these strings are. For example FF89BE54 jumps to FF9B2FC8, which is part of the string "StopAdjAFInteg"

Don't forget what the H stands for.


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