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Face Detect Trigger?

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Re: Face Detect Trigger?
« Reply #20 on: 02 / July / 2012, 19:03:50 »
SUCCESS on the SX110!!!
until false
That gave me the count of faces detected on the SX110!!
Glad to hear it. Have you tested when it updates, e.g. continuously when live view is on, only in halfpress, outside of halfpress ?
It's continuously updated.  Whenever the squares come up around the faces, the count updates immediately.  I replaced one of the modect sequences in my photobooth script with a "loop sleep until faces count > 0" and it works beautifully, even without halfpress being sent.
SD1000 seems to use a different address, but I think you found the strings we need to look for.
The SD1000 didn't seem to have the same strings. It's also digic III, but it's a vxworks camera.
  Would be fantastic to generalize it and put it in the main CHDK build!
This may be tricky. It should fairly straightforward to use the sigfinder to get the right address for cameras like sx110, since the variable is directly referenced from a string. The others may be a bit more complicated. In any case, we could add it over time, it has to be a camera dependent feature anyway since not all cameras have face detect at all.
Not all cameras have it, but it would be great to have something to let scripters more easily use the face detect count in cameras that do.

Thanks so much for helping with this, I'd never have been able to do this without your expertise!


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