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On-camera grid editor

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On-camera grid editor
« on: 30 / June / 2012, 14:18:07 »

    I've decided to start a new project - on-camera grid editor. There are some tools that provides development of grids, but currently you can't edit the grid directly on your P&S screen. The aim is to give you such possibility.

    The project is on very early stage. I post the newest version. Currently supported stuff:

    • load grid from file (when you run the script a file browser appears - select a grid file)
    • selecting shapes of the grid - when you press 'SET' then you can see, that selected shape has blue
    pointers at edges and shape or its edge becomes red. Pressing SET changes currently selected shape[/li]
  • primitive edition - pressing left/right/up/down moves currently selected shape

What's missing at the moment:

  • no file save
  • no way to add/remove shapes
  • no way to change shape sizes
  • no support for string and pixel shapes

All testers as well as suggestions, (bug)fixes, bug reports are welcome.

I attach also a test grid which contains all currently supported shapes: line, rect, rectf, elps and elpsf.
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