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Canon Vixia HF G10

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Canon Vixia HF G10
« on: 07 / July / 2012, 23:06:02 »
Hi all,

I searched the forums and completely understand that camcorders fall into their own category.  However, I could not find anything addressing this specific camcorder.  I mainly would like to say that if it's not already being looked into, support for them, and specifically the Vixia HF G10, would be awesome!  Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with reverse engineering, especially firmware, otherwise I would love to help.

There is especially one main reason that support for Canon camcorders would be great.  This applies to ones with a mini advanced shoe slot.  When plugging in a mini advanced shoe microphone, such as DM-50 or DM-100, the microphone completely overrides the external mic input.  This is a bit odd, because when you use the internal speakers, they can be mixed with an external mic.  Why wouldn't you be able to have the mini advanced shoe mic and an external mic *also* be mixable...?  I have no idea what Canon was thinking when doing this.  Anyhow, I'm guessing there is a simple on/off trigger that gets flipped when attaching the mini advanced shoe mic which can be disabled.  I cannot be 100% sure without digging deeper, but that would be my guess.


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