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A quick menu with focal length options

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A quick menu with focal length options
« on: 30 / July / 2012, 12:42:45 »

What do you think about the following idea:
A menu that can be used to quickly change focal length. Such menu could be activated by long press (1sec) of Disp key (or could be configured to work with long press of other key).
For example, 28-140mm built-in lens would have the following items:


When user chooses 50mm, the lens is set ('zoomed') to 50mm equivalent. Such menu does exist in Nikon P7000 (it's a G series from Nikon), and it's great to work with;  DSLR users will be happy: quickly set 85mm for portraits, it's like using 85mm lens on DSLR or other case: you want to get F4.0 at longest focal length and you know that it's 105mm - just choose your desired focal length, then set F4.0 and take a picture.

Re: A quick menu with focal length options
« Reply #1 on: 30 / July / 2012, 15:55:54 »
In general you could acheive the same effect with script. You can write a script, which after start just shows a list of possible focal lenghts. Then you choose one and press set.

Of course, you'd need to provide the kind of menu GUI system :) You can borrow an example menu system from text editor.

If you like to have this hardcoded, then some more effort is required. Currently there's a discussion on new user interface for CHDK. This include menus, shortcuts, scripts and much much more. Since your proposal is interesting you might be interested in taking part in the discussion:

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