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Nikon aw100 firmware hack...

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Nikon aw100 firmware hack...
« on: 11 / November / 2012, 11:06:20 »
Hi everybody!!

I'm Alessandro from Italy, and i just discovered this great work about canon hacking and i think you are doing a great work!! Is great to be able to customize our devices and not being tied to the factories standards..

By the way is just this factory standard that make me coming here to you...
I just bought some day ago a Nikon AW100 a very interesting waterproof camera... obviusly being a waterproof camera must be all automatic and mainly being waterproof in the first reason to buy it...but sure it could benefit soo much from an hacked firmware to unleash its potential and then being also waterproof could be a very good and complete camera.

The reason of having an hacked firmware for me would be for first for a very simple feature but not included..and so the intervalometer, to be able to take frames for hours and then post-produce a time lapse video...this feature is very simple that is amazing that is not included..and i think could be very easy for Nikon to add it to the firmware..

So, is there anyone already working on Nikon point and shoot and especially on AW100?? Someone now something about hacked firmware rumors?

Thanks so much guys, it would be great if in the future could be possible to have something similar to chdk also for these compact nikon camera!!!!


Re: Nikon aw100 firmware hack...
« Reply #1 on: 19 / November / 2012, 03:52:20 »
Someone now something about hacked firmware rumors?

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