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Canon 5D Mark II - crazy idea (need help)

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Canon 5D Mark II - crazy idea (need help)
« on: 28 / August / 2012, 14:42:32 »
Hi there, i discussed this crazy idea in ML forum, but i don't stop think about this and asking for help to you great hackers out there.  :xmas

The smallest RAW stills can be taken at 2784 x 1856 on 5D MkII
* 1. There are possible to shrink down RAW shot resolution to 2K Super 35mm anamorphic 2.35:1 aka 2048 x 872  (this is first)
* 2. Second - If it is possible, then how about to take stills RAW sequence instead of video without moving camera mirror? without changing the real onboard canon software it is impossible to implement only in ML
(as i understand there are conflict with original firmware SRAW - so... need to be modded canon firmware. :)

if can be changed in canon firmware SRAW settings to 2048 x 872
(this is something about 2 ~ 3 MB per picture and will be 3x24 FPS = 72mb/s
it is ok for CF Extreem card - and this is 100% possible to do) and for video this is superb 2K cinescope quality.
and if it can be done, then we can go even higher - there is 1000x CF cards with 150mb/s.

RAW stills sequences can be recorded in seperate folders for each take automaticly.

This will be a great advantage for RAW video - maybe coders can try it out? Think. (i will be happy to support this experiment)
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Re: Canon 5D Mark II - crazy idea (need help)
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