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G12 lens scratches

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G12 lens scratches
« on: 08 / August / 2012, 11:10:45 »
My G12 has got a scratched lens.  This mystified me since I am pretty sure that I never touched the lens.  Finally I realized what happened: the lens cover can scratch the lens when it closes.  I think this occurred when I put it back into my camera case too soon while the cover was closing.  After searching the internet I found other owners of G cameras complaining about the too close tolerance and scratching.

I sent the camera in to Canon for repair at their standard repair price (the camera is not under warranty).  I am a little worried that Canon won't repair it or will charge more.  It has been there for 2 weeks (they promise any repair will be done in 7 days).  Even if they do repair it I worry that they may not do a good job of aligning the lens or keeping the sensor clean.  Has anyone had Canon replace a lens?


Re: G12 lens scratches
« Reply #1 on: 28 / August / 2012, 00:28:46 »
I finally got the camera back.  They replaced the lens for the standard $150 charge.  Looks good.



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